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Space Management

Overview of Space Management


The Office of Space Management and Academic Scheduling is responsible for the assignment, inventory, utilization, modification and evaluation of academic and administrative facilities on the West Lafayette campus. The Regional campuses maintain their own assignment responsibilities.

There are various facets of the Space Management function:

Capital Planning

Projecting future space needs involves the evaluation of academic facility needs and preparing recommendations for use by University administration.

The planning process involves:

  1. Review of existing programs and facilities which support them
  2. Assessment of proposed changes, including staffing and enrollments
  3. Determining relationships with other programs and availability of resources
  4. Identifying solutions

The administration sets priorities and makes requests to the state for authorization of major capital projects. The Office of Space Management and Academic Scheduling develops an Academic Program Statement for high priority projects that are likely to receive funding. This document sets forth the academic goals of the project and describes the facilities required to meet these goals. It also sets policy on the use of various spaces and the allocation of facilities among academic units.

Projecting Space Needs

This function involves the development of the systems and methodology necessary to project future space needs as well as measure current space requirements. This is related to both the capital planning and space assignment functions.

Space Assignment

To some degree, the vitality of a higher education institution can be measured by the number, frequency, and quality of requests for modifications and/or changes in assignment of space. Since space is a fixed, highly visible, but generally a scarce resource, reassignment is often a very sensitive issue. Thus, the ability to view space assignment issues on a long-term, university-wide basis, is a very important function. The office attempts to provide this kind of perspective as it attempts to negotiate acceptable space reassignments.

Space Utilization

Space utilization measures and evaluates the use of scheduled and nonscheduled academic/administrative facilities. Space utilization studies combine student scheduling, staff, time and space data.


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